The Chinese zodiac is composed of 12 creatures, and every one of them relates to a specific year. In Chinese Astrology, it’s already accepted that you have similar qualities and character from the beast that rules the year that you were born. If you’re born in the Year of the Snake, expect to have characteristics, such as intelligence, tolerance, and allure.

What Are The Chinese Zodiac Trines?

There are 12 creatures inside the four Trines. Each trine consists of three. The three animals are known as companions of the zodiac, as they share regular attributes and beliefs.

In this article, we will talk about the third trine, which comprises of the Tiger, Horse, and Dog.

This old practice was established in India and Ancient China. There are three essential lines to analyze on the palm in prophecy, and these are the Life Line, Head Line, and the Heart Line. These three lines can give someone thought of which course their life is going in.

In Chinese Zodiac, the third trine is known as the Humanitarian Trine. The Tiger, Horse, and Dog are three brave creatures that can help create some improvements on this planet. They are very talented creatures with incredible strength and determination.

These creatures are controlled more by their feelings. While they are brave, compassionate, and thoughtful, they can sometimes be crazy too.

Chinese Zodiac Palmistry for the third Trine: Tiger, Horse, Dog


Tigers usually have hands that are molded like “paws.” Their hands are generally reliable, and they always have a fantastic Life Line, which illustrates a craving to take on the world and everyone around them. They will always have long pointers, which is a sign of intensity and then hostility.

Their oppressive component is Wood, which represents them as a strong, enthusiastic nature and resourcefulness. It also illustrates self-mindedness and self-reliance, which are two primary highlights of the third Trine.


The hand of the Horse always has a long palm combines with a solid Heart line. Horses administering component is Fire, and individuals with Fire hands are blessed with passionate vitality, which is dedicated to their interests.


In general, Dogs have a solid Head Line, and this person will have a more prominent hold over their balanced personality than the Tiger and Horse. Dogs are very faithful and persistent people, and they usually have thick palms and huge wrists. Dog’s governing element is Earth, which provides them with a practical and down to earth nature.

The Earth element also provides them with self-sacrificing abilities and the capability to see things through the end. Their Life Line will always be stable, which represents excellent well-being and a mindful frame of mind that allows them to plan for any consequence. While their Head Line is solid, they should always be cautious about letting stress devour them.

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