What are the 12 Houses of a Birth Chart?

Do you like to check your Horoscope every day? If yes then we can say that you are into astrology. Lovers check their compatibility, a businessman wants to know whether the day is auspicious for business or not, but hardly anyone knows how much it takes to create these horoscopes.

Suppose you are looking at tour daily Aquarius horoscope, you will just flip the newspaper and check what it says about you. But did you know that these findings are only partially accurate? If you want to know what your day actually has in store, you should get a detailed chart based on your birth date and time.

1st house – The House of First Impressions

The first house that you see on the birth chart is called ascendant. The lord of this house is Mars and the sign associated with it is Aries. This first house is good for Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury, but it’s bad for Venus and Saturn. Your body features and strength is determined by the first house of the birth chart.

2nd house – The House of Possessions

The lord of the 2nd house is Jupiter and it is associated with the zodiac sign Taurus. Predictions about your wealth and speed is determined by the second house of the chart. It deals with the values in your life whether it be materialistic or life values. If something is wrong with this part of the house, it would indicate the issue of greed, financial hardship, and low self-esteem.

3rd house – The House of Communication

Lord of the third house is Saturn and the zodiac is Gemini. This house is good for Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Moon, however, it is considered weak for Mercury. The essence of the third house is intellect as it represents mental attitude and how good you are at memorizing things. It is also related to interests, habits, communication skills, and your relation with family and neighbors.

4th house – The House of Instincts

Your house, land, cattle, vehicle, and all material possessions are under the influence of the fourth house. The lord of the house is Moon and it’s associated with cancer. The 4th house is good for Mercury and Venus but can be difficult for Mars and Saturn. The 4th house also relates to past memories and ancestors.

5th house – The House of Pleasure

The first house of the chart is all about your creative energies, passion, and pleasure of a lifetime. All the hobby, activities and joy you feel will be included in this house. All over it is the house of luck which is ruled by Jupiter. This house is associated with Leo and is good for Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury. However, it can also be troublesome for Saturn.

6th house – The House of Health

The lord of the sixth house is mercury and it is associated with Virgo. The type of diseases you contract during a lifetime and how long it will take to recover will be known by the study of this house. 6th house also tells you about your enemies and difficulties of your life.

7th house – The House of Partnerships

The relationships and partnerships in your life are predicted by the seventh house. Here, we’re not talking about just personal relations but also professional relations. When Jupiter and the sun enters the house it weakens the chat but it is good for the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn.

8th house – The House of Transformations

The eighth house of the chart is related to Mars and its sign is Scorpio. When the astrologer studies this house they are actually predicting life, death, and sudden turn of events. Now these turn of events can be loss as well as gain. The planets Jupiter and Sun are good for this house but it is weak for Moon, Mars, and mercury.

9th house – the House of Explorations

All your classical views, travel, and higher education is determined by the ninth house of the chart. The house relates to Sagittarius energy and helps people adopt a new and different perspective.

10th house – the House of Career

The tenth house in the birth chart determines the height of success and public image, you will attain in a lifetime. Whenever the planets transit in this zone, there is a chance of professional changes. This house represents the Capricorn energy.

11th house – The House of Realizations

We often get carried away with our life and the journey we take. 11th house fulfills the purpose of reminding us why we are working so hard. Aquarius and Sun is the lord and sign of this house. It is more about humanitarian pursuit, revolutionary ideas, and determination towards the society.

12th house – The House of Conclusions

The 12th house reveals your spiritual health and is known as unseen realm. If you have strong planets in the twelfth house, you will be highly intuitive. These picesian people sometimes also possess psychic energies.

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