Your 2019 Horoscope

The year 2019 has a lot to offer for stargazers. Three solar eclipses will take place. A partial solar eclipse for Capricorn zodiac sign is expected this January 5th or 6th depending on your location. The event will occur between Saturn, the planet of structure, and Pluto, the planet of transformation.

Capricorns would be more focused on their careers. If your planning to start a new business and follow an original career path, it would be best to contemplate your ideas during this eclipse before moving forward.

The first lunar eclipse will take place on January 20th during a full Leo moon, Capricorns may feel emotional and raw during this time. A time to reflect on yourself and how you see the world.

The second solar eclipse will fall on July 2nd for Cancer zodiac sign; however, the second lunar eclipse will occur on July 16th for Capricorn. Compared to the first eclipse, this event will produce more light-hearted aura than the 2019 first lunar eclipse due to the sextile with Uranus. This eclipse will make you change who want to spend your time with you may want to explore the different community.

In the winter will have an annual or a ring-shaped solar eclipse for Capricorns. The eclipse would take place in December on the 26th. The yearly solar eclipse would change the mindset of Capricorns in terms of their work life.

In the meantime, Jupiter, the planet of luck, would have a rising rivalry against Neptune, the planet of dreams and idealism. The competition has predicted to occur three times this year. The last recorded rivalry was way back in 2006.

Capricorns need to lower your expectation around January, especially on the 13th day of this month, and on June 16th as well. If you find yourself trapped and lost on this occasion, always remember that challenges arrive to teach us lessons, and this is only temporary.

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