What is a twin flame?

People have been coming to us to find their soul mates and twin flames for a while now.  But, what surprises us is that they are ready to settle for any of them.  They don’t know that soul mate and twin flame are very different terms that cannot be used interchangeably.

Find your twin flame

Most of the time it’s the desire to find true love that drives people in search of their twin flame or soul mate.  So before you start your journey to find your partner you must know what is it that you seek? A Soul Mate or a Twin Flame. 

What is the twin flame?

If you want to define twin flame in one sentence then the perfect description will be:  Two bodies but one soul.  It is believed that twin flames are two people split into two different bodies but they share the same soul.  Now the question arises: How do twin flames are different from soul mates? and how to recognize whether you are into a twin flame relationship?    In this article we are going to address both the queries related to Twin flames. So let’s begin:

Twin Flame vs Soul Mate

First of all, you can have many soul mates around the universe but your twin flame will be just one.  When you look for your soul mate, you are looking for that one person to connect with.   However when you search for your twin flame you looking at the opportunity of “Oneness”.  You share your consciousness with this person and they often turn into a romantic partner. 

On the other hand, a soul mate may have the same energy as you but they do not exist in fusion with you.  People who find their soul mates are extremely lucky but wait till you meet your twin flame. 

When you meet your soul mate you will have the urge to prove yourself to them.  Both of you will be two very different persons trying to please each other.  However, when you meet your twin flame lover or friend, it will be a mixture of Karmic and soul mate attributes. 

You can say that your soul mate is that one person you have been longing to meet whereas your twin flame is the exact mirror of you.  It’s a divine experience that enables you to become a better person.  Your Twin flame can be anyone, they can be your friend, romantic partner, mentor and, even a student. However, as people never experience this sort of love other than in twin flame, they often find it deeply romantic. So, eventually, it may turn into a loving relationship.

If you have a twin flame in the world, then you are going the meet them at some point in your life. It is like a magnet that keeps expanding its magnetic horizon until it reaches you or you reach for them.

Signs that you have found your twin flame 

Have you recently met that someone who makes your heart beat faster, who supports you in every aspect of your life?  Maybe that person is your twin flame.  Here are some attributes that can confirm if you are in a twin flame relationship:

  • A magnetic relationship

When you meet your twin flame, it’s like you have known them forever. It’s like talking to an old friend that knows you very well. You both will shortly enter the phase, where nothing is a secret between you two. At some point, if you can be in front of them without the fear of being judged, then it can definitely be your twin flame.

  • A Strong Intuition

In most cases of twin flame relationship, one person can feel what the other person is feeling or thinking about. You will be easily readable to each other and sometimes you will reach the same conclusion or belief. This person has the same consciousness as yours, so they will support what you believe in.

  • Super Tense Relationship

If you are experiencing ups and downs in your relationship and still you are growing mentally and spiritually, then this is your twin flame. As twin flame share the same consciousness, they will often and push each other to mature and evolve. So when it happens in an intimate relationship some sort of tension is to be expected.   However, the good thing is your partner will help you heal in the process and your relationship will grow stronger.

  • A Sense of Deja vu

Many times it has been seen that twin flames go through the same phases of life at same time. Even though they are not aware of each other, their life will be almost the same.  For instance, you both could have the same childhood trauma that connects them deeper. You will always get a sense of déjà vu around them like you have been in their life somehow.

  • Together for Yin and Yang

When two bodies share the same soul, some traits are transferred into one and the rest into another. The idea is to create a balance of personality. So when the flames meet each other this balance is completed and the partners attain a perfect spiritual and practical connection.

How to find your twin flame?

If you have a twin flame somewhere in this universe you will keep searching for them for the rest of your life. For those who don’t have a twin flame, they will be happy to spend their life with their soul mates.

The first step towards finding your twin flame is looking inside your soul. Establish a deep connection with yourself through spiritual practices. Before you find a person that loves you unconditionally, you need to love yourself and accept who you are. Once you have embodied the love it spreads out into the universe and starts working on the mission of finding your twin flame.

Those who have really established an inner connection with themselves will be struck with a feeling that someone out there is made solely for them.  They will start staying happy and hopeful all the time. If suddenly an instinct sparks out telling you someone is coming, then buddy you are on the right track. 

Most of the time people are not able to develop the self-connect on their own and that’s why it takes longer for them to meet their soul mate or twin flame. So it is recommended to take help from an expert.  They will not only help you find your twin flame or soul mate but also help you evolve spiritually. The process gets more simplified when you have an expert of the subject around you guiding at every step.

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