What is Numerology, and how does it work?

Numerology is number science that influences human lives. Numerology is a science that reveals many amazing secrets about human behavior, relationships, and much more. Numerology is considered to be more spiritual than other occult sciences. The fundamental belief of Numerology is that nature evolves in a cycle that is entirely predictable and computable. Discussing the history of numbers, it is as old as the history of humans.   

Most people believe that Numerology only foretells the future, but the primary purpose of Numerology is not at all about predicting the future. Numerology provides the key to exploring the potential and destiny of the individual. Numerology is one of the fantastic ways to communicate with the inner self, and it is the appropriate tool to know one’s strengths and weaknesses that can help you build your life successfully. Numerology helps to understand why you may be facing troubles in your life, the reason for troublesome situations, and a practical approach to avoid problems and achieve success in life. Numerology is a fantastic science and has its own principles, language, and terminology. It is imperative to note that there is no place for probabilities in Numerology. It is easy to know the challenges that the person will face when they get to decipher the numbers. At the end of every numerology reading, you will gain vast knowledge that can be applied to achieve success in everyday life. Through this enormous knowledge of numbers, people can change their lives for the better and easily attain happiness, health, prosperity, respect, appreciation, and harmony.

Through Numerology, we can find the law of nature that impacts individual lives. By increasing the power of the number every time by repeating it continuously, we can easily absorb the positive cosmic energy. The positive energy and its benefits are added to the personality of the person. As a result, individuals can achieve self-improvement goals like personality development, business, career, relationship, personal goals, etc. Numerology has the power to improve an individual’s life by increasing the vibration force of the inner character and decreasing difficulties and obstructions in their lives.

Numerology is the psychoanalysis study that helps individuals understand themselves better. It helps them realize their abilities, drawbacks, and behavior. Numerology will help brighten their future and makes them a successful person. With the help of Numerology, an average person can achieve extraordinary heights.

Three popular Numerology systems 

Kabbalah system originated from the Hebrew culture, and it includes the name of the individual but not date like other systems. The Kabbalah system consists of 22 vibrations ranging from 1 to 400

Pythagorean system– The Pythagorean method is the most popular and leading system of numerology school. Here in this system, each alphabet is included, and there is a numerical value of each alphabet. Pythagoras, the Greek Mathematician, is also known as the father of modern Numerology. This system uses the date of birth and the person’s name letters to analyze his/her destiny.

Chaldean system– This is another school of Numerology. It is understood that the root of this system is ancient Babylon. This numerology school is closely related to astrology. It is different from the Pythagorean system, where the calculation is done through the alphabetical order. In this system, each sign has a different vibration. Here each alphabet is associated with the sound or unique vibration, and then it is linked to the number.

These three numerology systems are the most popular schools of Numerology, and they help the individuals discover the world around them through numbers and their calculations.

How does a Numerology Reading Work?

The four main results derived after doing the numerology calculations help the individuals understand things about themselves and their future. These numbers are constructed from the name and date of birth of the person. These numbers are the Life Path Number, Expression Number, Soul Urge Number, and Birth Number.

Life Path Number – In Numerology, one of the essential numbers is the life path number. The life path number reveals life’s basic outline, the challenges the person will face in his/her life. It highlights the struggles, upcoming opportunities, and the lessons one needs to learn to become successful.  

Expression Number- With the help of expression numbers, the person’s strengths and weaknesses are analyzed, and it helps in understanding the critical ways the person chooses to handle life challenges.

Soul Urge Number – The Soul Urge number reveals the hidden desire of the heart. Through this number, the person gets to know what path they need to take to be happy and content.   

Birth Number – The Birth number describes the known and unknown talents the native possess and what they need to do to succeed and lead a better life.

Numerology for Marriage and Compatibility

Numerology can quickly help the individuals to determine what kind of relationship they will have with their partner. The power of Numerology makes it easy to understand the challenges people will face in their relationship. With the help of Numerology, we can easily decipher if the one will have a good understanding, love, affection, etc. Numerology can help in building a better understanding by knowing the challenges affecting the relationship.  

Numerology for knowing your career 

Numerology can be an excellent guiding tool to help with your career. Through Numerology, one can learn which career option will be fruitful in the long run. They can also know which days are beneficial for making important decisions related to career and business. It may be identifying the best day for an interview or opening a bank account or entering contacts, and signing new deals. Numerology can also be a great tool when looking at a business partnership.  

How to apply Numerology in your life?

Numerology is excellent guidance that helps the individual to change his/her perspective as quickly as possible. When you know your life path number, you can discover yourself in a better way. This new knowledge can bring a new meaning to your life! Numbers can do magic in your life as you gain more insight about yourself and the things around you.

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